Tips for Regrowing Hair

What most people don't know is that it's much easier to prevent hair from falling out than it is to stimulate natural hair growth. If you keep your hair healthy the chances of it falling out are very slim. However, there are some hair loss products out there these days that can help reverse hair loss. One of the best treatments for hair loss is a medication known as finasteride. To find out much more visit now.

Finasteride is one of the treatments the FDA has approved to treat hair loss. Another medication the FDA has approved for hair loss treatment is minoxidil. Both of these medications have shown great results in hair loss sufferers. However, it's important to note that these treatments do very little to treat severe hair loss conditions.

One study showed that hair cloning has the potential to be a very great treatment. The way it works is the doctor will take samples of the hair follicles and multiply them in the lab. The multiplied hair follicles will then be injected into the scalp to create more hair. Another form of this treatment involves stimulating the stem cells around the hair follicles to help them regrow.

A topical solution known as ketoconazole can help replenish hair growth in some people. This topical solution has anti-fungal properties that can stop DHT from producing. THe way this works is by inhibiting the production of 5 alpha reductase. The key thing to remember is that these treatments can often cause unwanted side effects. One of the main side effects these treatments can cause is a lack of sexual performance.

It's known that sticking to a regular exercise routine can help prevent androgen levels from rising too high. With androgen levels kept low the DHT hormone has a less chance of causing severe hair loss in most people. However, if you lift weights it can increase the DHT hormone int he body and cause more hair loss problems. The best thing to do is cardio workouts that not only helps keep the body healthy, but also helps lower stress levels as well.

Applying immunosuppressants to the scalp can also help provide some brief relief from hair loss problems. The solution in the immunossuppressants can cause severe side effects, but in some people the results are good.

If you're looking for a more natural approach then there are herbs that inhibit the activity of DHT. One of these herbs is saw palmetto, and it causes less side effects compared to the chemicals found in prescription medications. The great thing about saw palmetto is the fact that it can inhibit both forms of 5 alpha reductase.

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